Need A Helping Hand For Your Wedding or Quinceanera/Sweet Sixteen Planning?

Planning Made Easy

Planning a big party such as a wedding, quinceañera or sweet sixteen reception?  If you are, my condolences, lol.  But in all honesty, this can be extensively more stressful than filing your taxes by April 15th.  With that being said, I figured a post with some helpful links was in order.  Check out these handy sites/tips for sparing yourself a little work on the big day.

First Up – Get A Plan

Let’s start this trip at the very beginning.  Even the best of plans can get derailed pretty easily.  The best way to prevent that is start with a checklist and a plan of action.  Botanical Paperworks has put together a fabulous FREE printable checklist/planner that covers all your bases.  It starts with budgeting help and then walks you through a timeline for activities/tasks as well as help with invitations and reception decor.  Hint—–make sure to check out all of Invite Bling’s super-fantastical items to help with making your event MAGNIFICENT!


Get your free printable planner HERE!

Next Stop – Addressing Those Invites

In a world of eclectic families, this chart from Park Slope Press is extremely helpful.  It walks you through envelope addressing in one of the most simplistic methods I’ve seen.


Last But Not Least –  Seating Arrangements Made Easy

Seating Chart Tool

We all know that is a super helpful site, but something I just recently came across is their tool for charting out your seating arrangement.  It seems to be pretty easy to use and works off your existing guest list.  Just drag and drop guests to the appropriate table.  Bing, bang, boom….done!  Then once you have it completed, you can easily share it with your event planner or reception venue.  To check it out, click on the link below.



A Blushing Bride

One of the most popular color combos that has been requested lately blush pink and gold.  At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about this combination, but have since fallen in love!  This color theme is a bold statement but still creates the sweet, romantic and classy atmosphere brides want for their wedding day.  There are so many fun ways of using these colors to romanticize your special day.

The softness of the blush color combined with the sparkle and shine of the gold accent create a very classic look that would transform any bridal party.
Blush Collage 1

Blush Collage 2

The blush/gold color combination is perfect for those brides looking for a soft color palate but who don’t want to lose that pop and shine of the gold. Here are the fabulous designs we’ve come up to showcase these elegant colors.

Blush Gold Collage

If you like this color palate, please send us a note! We would love help make your special day sparkle.

Come join us at the Redrossa Bridal Showcase!

We are excited to announce that the Invite Bling team will be at the Redrossa Bridal Showcase on Sunday, March 8th! The Showcase will be held at the Bloomington Hotel and will be free to all attendants. If you are planning a wedding in the Minneapolis area and would like to meet some local vendors, please swing by and pay us a visit.  You can read through the flier below, or check out our Facebook page for more information on this event. We are looking forward to meeting with you over hors d’ouevres and champagne to help you plan your perfect day.

RR MOA Bridal Flyer 2_2015

Tres Chic Paris Themed Quinceañera

A quinceañera is the latin american celebration of a fifteen year old girl’s transition from child to woman.  What better way to show this magnificent achievement than a celebration with a modern and elegant Paris theme?

These days there are many popular themes to choose from for your quince; masquerade, princess, peacock….  All of these can be amazingly fun and colorful, but none capture romance and elegance the way the city of lights can.  Light and airy shades of pink intermixed with striking black make for a dramatic color pallette that is sure to awe your guests.

So now for our featured french themed invitation.  We’ve used a deep charcoal shimmer paper with pale whisper soft pink glitter and ribbon.  The bottom corner of this invite is adorned with a fabulous grey and pink flourish featuring the classic Eiffel Tower and a magnificent silhouette of a young modern woman.   We’re sure this invitation will make all of your guest say Oh La La!